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Florist Master

To help you make your choice.., the flower represent romance and passion, white roses represent love and purity

Floral designs that you'll love

Our floral designs will create an unique experience and leave a lasting impression of beauty and happiness

master technique


Attend work that will teach the latest techniques and help you become a master florist

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Enter to my beauttiful world of flower with passion and joy

event floral flower design


Our flower designs will bring your event to heights and "wow" your guests

Floral Path

Floral designs that will elevate your event

Master florist Max Hurtaud is a rising star in the world of floral design and one of today's most talented floral event designer.

He has been many times awarded and with his passion for flowers, skills and talent creates the most stunning designs to celebrate any event.

Workshops to Indian weddings. Big or small. Max Hurtaud will wow your guests with his craftmanship, ingenuity and creativity. His floral designs will leave a lasting impression and bring your event to new heights.

Don't miss your opportunity for the best event possible

Your event is special. It's once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate a milestone in your life. 

Either this is a business event or  wedding, you want your event to be memorble and leave a lasting impression and fun memories.

Our floral designs will elevate your event and bring joy and amazement to your guests

Why our floral designs are loved

"Max is one of those teachers with whom every student feels confort and attention.

Delicacy, sophistication, a sense of style are inherent in him. There is no doubt that Max is one of the brightest representatives of the new generation of floristry in Europe"

Roman Todorovich
Minsk flower school, belarus


"Max brings creativity, passion and fun to every floral piece he designs, to have him bring wedding florals to life is a real treat and a pleasure to behold"

Dyana Dessar 
lead planner at optimum weddings, MARBELLA, SPAIN

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Floral designs that will create ever-lasting memories in just 3 simple steps

Contact us
and let us know your desired event

We'll customize a design or workshop that will "wow" your guests

Enjoy the loving memories
of a great (floral) event

Curious about our various floral artworks? Click below to discover more

hurtaud floral
hurtaud floral
hurtaud floral
hurtaud floral
hurtaud floral
hurtaud floral
hurtaud floral
hurtaud floral

Our services

wedding flowers


Your wedding day is an important moment in your life... Let us create something great as your expection!
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A corporate event, a meeting is always better with flowers. Our goal is to make your event beautiful as you plan!
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Being a floral designer asks a lot personal involvment. Let us make you give the best of yourself in floral deisgn!
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What is Max Hurtaud ?

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50 satisfied customers


16 countries visited for work


13 years of experience


Got several awards


A lot of smiles on people's face

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