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About  Max And His Stories

Our Story


Max Hurtaud is worldwide master florist who expresses all his feelings through flowers. Strong of his 6 years of floristry studies nearby Bordeaux, in France, he knows, how to combine vegetal. Nature offers us one of its most beautiful gifts. He has to take good care of those precious ones. From the shape to the texture until the colour, flowers have no secret for this floral artist.


Being a master florist is evidence according to him: “My childhood dream was to create bouquets for my mum and for brides!”. Obviously, when he could, he started to work hard in this magical flower world. Creating a simple bouquet with one of the most sophisticated designs, nothing scares this flower lover. Trust him, he knows what he does!


Max Hurtaud got awarded several times to different prestigious international competitions. And is available to work everywhere in the world. From Bolivia to Belarus and from the USA to Japan. There is no limit as his flower power is strong enough to bring you in his own floral universe.


Being a master florist means different skills as well like teaching, demonstrating, making floral events, and flower exhibitions. But the most important is creating. Creating something unique and beautiful for everyone. That’s his mission. There is no secret, just a lot of work and an expert eye for your request.


Creating floral event designs is always a challenge. Creating magic in people's eyes is an obligation.

Each project is different and deserves the right attention to make it perfect, just like you. Weddings, fat Indian weddings, corporate events… the sky is the limit. To discover more click here


Teaching floral workshops or even demonstrating for professional florists is the symbol of his passion for sharing. Do we say that sharing is caring? Indeed: “Max is a great teacher to get new skills and knowledge” say some famous schools about him. To get more info click here


Max Hurtaud is the perfect partner to bloom your request. Are you ready to let yourself be surprised by its magic?


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