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Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers are a lovely way of showing your guests and your partner how much you care about them. You can find everything from simple and classic flowers to extravagant, rainbow-coloured arrangements for your big day. It can be used to create an interesting, romantic and fun atmosphere in any venue.

Floral Event Design

Hire a floral designer to create an event that will wow your guests. Creating beautiful floral arrangements, centrepieces and bouquets is an art that brings joy to both the event planner and the guests. I work closely with my clients to design floral arrangements that are unique and perfectly suited to their needs.

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Courses on Flower Designing, Floral Designing, & Floristry


Floristry Courses Cape Town - Learn about the world's most popular flowers, their meaning and how to care for these plants. Classes in flower arranging, flower design and flower artistry, as well as online courses in floral design and floral art. Courses are available at all skill levels.

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